ANTIsocial Media

. 3 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
ANTIsocial Media

I made a decision to quit Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

To be fair, this was long time coming. We are all aware that social media, that were supposedly meant for people to connect, have achieved the exact opposite. We know they're fucked up. We all watched exposés like 'Social Dilemma', right...and then hilariously logged onto Facebook to share our outrage. We all know social media  exist only to sell you shit you don't need in order to make other people rich, so they can keep buying shit they don't need, so that the toxic loop of capitalism survives. Advertisement platforms disguised as a 'tool to connect people' are disgusting but okay, let's admit it, it really is a genius marketing concept.

But they're at the same time feeding into mental/physical/societal/political disorders that hurt people both on the individual and global scale, and I just simply cannot keep overlooking, excusing and silently tolerating and participating on that.

I currently live 'on the road' and social media is my way to share my journey, my writing and creative projects and stay in touch with my biological and chosen family. But there must be a better way.

A way that's less toxic and damaging...not only in regards to our collective mental well-being, but especially and most disturbingly: children (as we learned recently children were in a true Orwellian fashion targeted as a 'untapped wealth potential' by Facebook company).

This should not be a part of the world they deserve, and it's certainly not something I can keep participating on just because it's convenient, just because it's easy, just because 'everyone's on it', or with the 'I don't care about their practices, I make it work for me to stay in touch with people and I don't care about the rest' sentiment. That's not good enough.

Don't get me wrong...Even though I haven't been on social media until I was about twenty, I already can't remember and imagine life without them.

Like any step from the known to unknowable, like any attempt to break away from an addiction, it feels super vulnerable and scary.

Even at this very moment, as I confidently share my decision with you, I keep battling with anxiety and fears that quitting Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will result in feeling disconnected, lonely, out of touch, irrelevant, boring and like my life, experiences, adventures, connections and history won't count anymore, unless they're turned into posts with likes and comments. But that's exactly what social media wants you to feel-as we suspected and learned recenty thanks to efforts of people like Frances Haugen: they work very hard on making sure you feel that way in order for you to stay and be blasted with advertisement, whilst chipping away from your mental well-being. Healthy and happy people are the worst market to try and sell shit to, of course.

I am not, I repeat...I am NOT becoming a digital hermit...I love sharing my often super bizarre and hopefully sometimes also inspiring, entertaining and insightful journey with people, through my writing, my videos and pictures. I can no longer do so via Facebook owned platforms without feeling like a complete hypocrite, who feeds into one of the most profound societal poisons of 21st century. I have no fucking idea what I'll do with all that time I usually fill with posing, posting, scrolling, liking, commenting, watching funny dog & epic fails videos, hilarious memes,  skincare tutorials, adverts and some more adverts. I'm super confident I'll find another way to waste my time. But fingers crossed it will be a healthier one.

I don't want to lose touch with any of you, but I refuse to stay, just because Facebook made it seem like there's no other/easier/better/more global alternative.

Wish me luck on what I really think will be an addiction recovery journey, and please consider checking in through my blog (you can hit the SUBSCRIBE button at the bottom right):
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