Capricorn Season

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Capricorn Season
“The shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.” – SASHA GRAHAM

Below is an excerpt from our Capricorn Season Workbook, available HERE

In most of the world, December acts as an invisible pressure cooker: we’re pushed to buy stuff, attend parties, host dinners, pile up on gifts, cook, decorate, contemplate the disaster of a year we’ve just had and gather our hopes for the year 2023. And were asked to have fun and to not explode in front of our family & friends on top of it. And then January comes in and like with a snap of the fingers, all the manic energy of previous weeks dissipates leaving us drained, paralyzed, impassive and feeling too fat and too broke to face the dreary world outside our windows. Not that we could anyway…In order to keep the economy moving the world will be turning up the capitalist agenda around Christmas, keeping the wheels of producing and spending money in full speed, combined with the global cost of living crisis, I can only imagine the annual January wave of turning inwards, nursing our emotional and societal hangover to feel even more raw than usual.

Here’s where Capricorn energy comes useful. Naturally, most of us will be forced to slow down in the coming weeks. Grounding & stabilizing Capricorn vibes are here to help us remain dedicated, practical & more reasonable about our projects and where we place our energy. Capricorn will guide us through any demand we place upon ourselves & after the festive indulgence we all in one way or another feel a pull towards some sort of discipline and physical/mental/ spiritual practice to offset some of the xmas gluttony damage and socializing fatigue.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – a planet of discipline, responsibility, time & commitments, astrologically connected to our 10th house of reputation, long term goals, status. So, this season, let’s focus on how we protect & direct our energy. Capricorns get a bad rep for being detached or even ruthless, but guess what…by being completely comfortable with saying ‘no’, they stake out & honor their own boundaries. And we are all already dreading that festive familial ‘overstepping boundaries which we never pointed out in the first place‘ & the subsequent shame & resentment

Coming towards the end of the year, nature & us (same thing really) turn inwards & in our little hibernation we reflect, we untangle the events of the year-gone-by and look forward with new hopes & plans. Where Capricorn energy succeeds in fulfilling those, is the ability to tune out all distractions. Gently investigate which modes of ‘escaping’ you usually reach out for in order to silence the world or your brain. Are any of those ready to be acknowledged and dealt with (Netflix, social media or vodka-lemonade detox perhaps?...having have said that the third season of Emily in Paris just premiered, so all of the above is probably unattainable right now), committing to different & helpful practices of supporting & enhancing, our energy (gratitude/journaling/EFT/breathwork/Joe Wicks?) instead?

“I am inclined to disagree with Jung when he says the Shadow is the person that we’d rather not be. The Shadow is that unadorned part of ourself, it is flexible the way it stretches and contorts. The Shadow is our dark side, the side we hide and climb into, not the person that we would rather not be, but the person we would rather be.” – CHLOE THURLOW

‌‌Astrological / Tarot & Magical Workbook‌

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‌‌My guide book is filled with original artwork, mantras and affirmations, tips and tarotscopes to support you on your journey through Sagittarius Season and towards your highest evolution:

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My hope is that the information within: suggestions for some ritual work, journaling, badass magicking, crystal lovin’ & tarot slingin’ during the upcoming lunar energies – will inspire, provoke, guide & motivate you to blaze through this season with joy & wonder!