Gemini Full Moon

. 4 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Gemini Full Moon
“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

Every Full Moon we can expect things coming to completion. It’s a pinnacle of expansive energy, a brief moment before the light starts fading away towards a point of total darkness of New Moon, just a blip of an energetic vacuum before the next inhale, before the lunar light grows again in potency, same as our wishes, plans & goals. It’s a perpetual ancient cycle of Death & Rebirth giving us a chance to recognize & honor our own energetic ebb & flow.

Some followers of lunar living look out for manifestation of seeds of intentions planted during the previous New Moon, usually in tongue-in-cheek unexpected way, but such is the way of magic. People (heck, the whole of nature) get extremely sensitive and a bit cray cray, intuition shoots through the roof and  our world tilts upside down for a brief moment when the moon is full.

Now just consider the bipolar nature of Gemini, which will rule over tonight’s Full Moon (December 8th in Europe) et voila – D.R.A.M.A.! Gemini does not play in water (emotions), it’s as airy (mental processes) as they get, constantly overthinking, over-analyzing and nitpicking and ruling over their heart with brain and logic. Sun is currently in Sagittarius – also investigative & expansive, but more in the external. Sag will happily jump on any new opportunity to expand – be it through travel, re-inventing themselves for the outside world, trying their hands at different spiritual beliefs. Gemini however takes time to fully investigate & question everything. In here lies the tension in between solar & lunar energy that we can expect to feel on this full moon eclipse. Both of these signs are on a mission to uncover knowledge & truth. Gemini’s lunar influence will make our attention scattered, fickle & doubtful, Sag bringing a need for joy, optimism & adventure.

(I suggest you take a look at where Gemini sits in your natal chart, as this area will be particularly illuminated and ready for transformation under this full moon)

In general, the Gemini moon will make us starved for finding, dissecting & sharing information. Our challenge is to pace ourselves, so that our thoughts & words do not fall out of alignment with each other. Gemini Full Moon can sometimes make us appear ignorant of others point of views. Instead of dismissing it, try and savor the contradictions our shared reality is built upon – duality is totally Gemini’s groove.

You are likely to feel a strong pull either towards or far far away from communicating with your loved ones, in either case try and lean towards compassion rather than judgement, listening rather than preaching. Mars is  currently retrograding through Gemini, so you are likely to find your fuse being extra short these days.

Let’s try and channel these high-strung investigative notions into contrasting ideas and feelings in a positive way: Write a letter to someone you miss, or have a REAL talk with someone you’ve been neglecting. Put down phones, silent distractions and talk about life. Investigate & learn about something that interests you. Ask yourself when in life you’ve felt most confident and brainstorm the answers in your journal.

“Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it.” – Ray Bradbury

When it comes to Full Moon, I always think your best strategy is not resistance, but AWARENESS… Know what’s coming and know it too shall pass, use any tools of release that work for you (cleansing bath, lighting a white candle to release all that weighs heavy on you, journaling, gratitude list, music, meditation, spliff – or all of the above) and make sure you keep that foot in your mouth no matter what kind of raging conflicts arise around or within you.

“If it is not right, I don’t do it, if it’s not true, I don’t say it.“

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