Millie on Mykonos

. 2 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Millie on Mykonos

Summer on Mykonos can be fun. If you're disgustingly rich and a functioning drug addict. Our dream island summer job turned out to be more like a nightmare, but as the year progressed, we looked back and chose to remember the good stuff.

Like when Millie and her amazing parents visited at the end of July and we got to spend a couple of days together, just before our biggest and busiest booking (British royal family, but shhhh) of the season arrived and turned our brains and feet into a bleeding mash. We've met just after leaving London in 2019 - working together on board Queen Mary 2 on its doomed Covid voyage around the world, and we immediately adopted Millie for the whole duration of that crazy adventure that took us from England to New York, around the Caribbean, back to Europe and through Middle East and Asia all the way to and around Australia.

Money has never been a driving force behind literally anything we do in life, but it's hard not to lose sight of matters to you most when you ping-pong between seasonal jobs far away from your biological and chosen family.

Millie's visit, however brief, reminded us what's really important in life - creating memories - and why we left comfort of our London corporate lives for this wild unknown out there in the world -  to be able to host people we care about one day and feel alive in doing so.

So David produced his best Royal Mojitos and his best 90's Naomi Campbell impression (thanks in large part to his AliExpress birthday kaftan), we took the company's rackety old jeep around the island and to the wild Fokos beach, where instead of swimming or sun tanning you spend all of your time trying to pin your towels and possessions to the ground so that the insane island winds wouldn't carry it out onto the sea. We ate in a great sea-side fish restaurant called Apaggio (my first risotto with squid ink) and finally hit some clubs in town.

And we got to recreated our picture from the Rockefeller Fountain in New York from December 2019, marking another shared and memorable pin on the map and in time ... I guess this will now be a thing!