Muffins and Bananas

. 2 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Muffins and Bananas

The London weather once again conspired against our cycling trip to Hampton Court Palace this Tuesday, so me and Klara decided on wellness/fitness/decadent debauchery day instead.

We shopped for goodies, roasted a pork shoulder with sweet potatoes and set it aside, brought home a bottle of bubbly and ingredients for a pie...

(I had my mind set on making a paleo gluten free cherry pie, but since we couldn't find any cherries, we made gluten free coconut-almond-blueberries-mango-chia seed muffins instead.. Logically..)

So after a crazy-ass(literally) session at the gym, we could just cycle home and reap the pleasures of forward-planning. Meaning carnivorous indulgance, hot from the oven muffins, sparkling wine and Royal Tenenbaums on the projector.


I also seem to be weirdly finding bananas everywhere. Bananas in their pyjamas. In the gym on Tuesday, and one on a train today. Nice bananas too. And me being faithfully cheap, I just take them and eat them all.

I wonder what it is life or destiny or the almighty Fox is trying to tell me this way. Bananas..are..full of fiber? Fiber helps get 'things moving'...maybe I need a help to get things moving?


Blueberry and Mango Muffins:

1cup disiccated coconut

2cups ground almonds

4 eggs

1cup blueberries

2 mangos

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup melted butter

1tbsp baking powder

2tbsp chia seeds

1tsp vanilla extract

Wisk the eggs, pour in the melted butter and honey, chuck everything else in, mix and put in the muffin form. Done in twenty minutes.