Pisces New Moon

. 3 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Pisces New Moon
"Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way." - Florence Scovel Shinn

Dreamy, Compassionate, Healing, Intuitive – these will be the personal and collective themes circling around this New Moon.

Ruled by planet Neptune, the master of dreams & creativity and in its lower polarity also escapism, secrecy & illusions – Pisces are always balancing on the verge of being incredibly tuned-in empaths one day, and obsessive, delusional & over-sensitive the next one. With the heavy & heady Neptunian influence, our mind may invite us to some wild and deeply unfair and untrue head-trips. Remember to be gentle with your own nervous system during the reign of Master of Illusions - Neptune, stepping out of time and space regularly for a deep breath, to gain healthier perspective and to really ground into these ethereal and deeply psychic energies: be it through plunging yourself to the transformative waters of your meditation and spiritual practice, divination, art, poetry, writing or daydreaming.

On 5th of March, Venus and Mars are entering the revolutionary freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, with Mercury joining the party a few days later. This transit will surely infuse our relationships with a sense of excitement, experimentation & fun, as we strive for a joyous and authentic expression and connection (Venus), with some frustrations arising should we find ourselves in disagreement or out of sync with our peer groups (Mars) and brightly lit up creativity, intuition & imagination, when Mercury enters Aquarius.

Highly emotionally charged New Moon invites us to dream up plans & intentions surrounding our creative projects & deepening our spirituality, developing psychic abilities & connection to the Divine, uncovering secrets (even if they’re just the hidden part of ourselves).

Connecting to our usual day-to-day affairs might be exceedingly difficult today, minute tasks will feel extra tiring and following the latest round of disturbing developments on the world stage especially unbearable. If at all possible, disconnect from electronic screens of all types and go on a date with your hidden, intuitive magical self.

Today...forgive, let go, breathe out any anxious feelings bubbling up to the surface. Go grab your yoga mat, dream journal, Moonstone to attune to your intuition and Sugilite for emotional healing & spiritual protection. And no matter what shifts & challenges emerge for you this season, let this be your affirmation:


When Sun moves through the deeply emotional & magical sign of Pisces, you’re sure to feel these influences on both global & personal level. Partly a meditation journey into the unconscious waters of our emotions, partly a personal ritual dream, you'll be gently guided through breathing, visualization and affirmations to connect with Piscean archetypes and the moon, to charge your third eye and root chakra, so that you can see clearly through all the Neptunian illusions, whilst remaining grounded throughout the emotional sea storms of Pisces Season .

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