Full Moon in Aries

. 2 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Full Moon in Aries

Only a couple of days ago, we re-emerged from the Mercury Retrograde in Libra (read more on that HERE), and guess what, hurraah, we still have about two weeks of the 'shadow period', during which our communication/plans/travel/technology mishaps will only slowly be diminishing.  

Well, this particular Full Moon in Aries - placed fittingly at the transition between the seasons of 'search for harmony' Libra and 'search for stirring shit up' Scorpio, will quite possibly not feel super pleasant either.

On Full Moon (or after a second glass of gin), I often find myself a bit too frazzled, disorganized, emotional, argumentative or plainly unable to deal with the ‘foam of the day' stuff, you know, like co-workers or technology or underground trains going mental.

Full Moon in Aries tends to be one of those extra challenging ones: Aries is a strong, feisty, hot-headed sign, and so reigning in our emotions and staying unfazed and balanced will be extra-crucial for survival around this time. Frustrations and a build-up anger can just become that shitty thing that spoils your day, or you can take firm hold of it, explore what the real cause is, and see how to treat that particular wound, instead of just drowning in the toxicity of it all.

I find it helpful to think of each Full Moon as a lighthouse beacon illuminating what requires work and adjustment. Relationships, conditions and realities that aggravate the shit out of us will be brought to light - not for us to suffer, but perhaps to see where we need to focus our healing energy & what needs addressing, so going forward we won't get burned again. When conflicts arise – stop and listen patiently. Are you listening with your heart, striving to reach a compromise as opposed to jumping to your defense and head first into conflict? Think of Libra's elegant and effortless skill of finding balance, and try not to strangle anyone.

Whatever will Aries Full Moon illuminate for you - take note, journal about it and maybe develop a little spell or ritual helping to bring harmony into this situation.

Some helpful tips for the Aries Moon: TAKE A SICK DAY & chill with a good book & away from Fox News and the evil internet! Lepidolite will assist in fighting stress & wild emotions. Kunzite to amp our empathy & soften the edge. Watermelon Tourmaline to make sure we act from the place of love and not our ego.

Whichever dreams & desires you aim to manifest this month, take practical tangible steps towards them, repeating the mantra of:

“My heart is wild. And my soul is free. Through peace on the inside, I take charge of the world on the outside."

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