Pisces Season

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Pisces Season

“We need the tonic of wildness … At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable.” ― H. David Thoreau

18th February – 20th March

There’s one sign to represent each element that's also labeled as ‘mutable’. In the realm of Air – it’s Gemini, Virgo as an earth sign, fiery Sagittarius and Pisces representing the element of water. Mutable signs are sort of chameleons of the zodiac. They thrive on change, are highly flexible, easily acquire different perspectives – hence being described as great diplomats & assisting others with their transitions. (Of course, as with anything in astrology and Life in general, there’s a lower polarity to mutable signs – like being fickle, inconsistent & undependable.)

Pisces are ruling over the last season in the astrological cycle of the year, hence they’re said to have accumulated wisdom, lessons, fears and hopes of all the preceding signs. As a mutable water sign – Pisces tune easily into the emotions of others – making them the most empathetic, intuitive, compassionate and psychic sign of the zodiac (now now, you’re not doing so badly either, Cancer). The depth of our intuition will surely be called upon, as during this last astrological season of the year, we naturally face up to the themes of death & rebirth, endings and new beginnings, shedding old outgrown systems to step freely into the unknown, exciting potentiality.

Ruled by planet Neptune, the master of dreams & creativity and in its lower polarity also escapism, secrecy & illusions – Pisces are always balancing on the verge of being incredibly tuned-in empaths one day, and obsessive, delusional & over-sensitive the next one. With the heavy & heady Neptunian influence, our mind may invite us to some wild and deeply unfair and untrue head-trips. Remember to be gentle with your own nervous system during the reign of Master of Illusions - Neptune, stepping out of time and space regularly for a deep breath, to gain healthier perspective and to really ground into these ethereal and deeply psychic energies: be it through plunging yourself to the transformative waters of your meditation and spiritual practice, divination, art, poetry, writing or day-dreaming.

Pisces Season will bring all of that into play for the next few weeks, so expect some occasionally bumpy ride on an emotional roller coaster, no matter how grounded & practical you usually are. Aries is just behind the corner, ready to kick-start a new astrological cycle with some serious passionate blazing energy, so take this time to look within – meditate, reflect & indulge your inner empath.

“It’s not that I’m changing, I’m finally revealing. Emotion & intuition converge to guide me.” – Benebell Wen

In the Major Arcana we find Pisces reflected back to us in the archetype of “The Moon” tarot card. One of the luminaries in Tarot – The Moon casts a different type of light. Ruling over the nocturnal landscape (of our subconscious), the reflected light of The Moon gives shapes to our fears & casts all sorts of illusions – you know, the type that always seems much scarier in the night.

A dog & a wolf – typically depicted on this card howling at the moon together – represent both aspects of our mind – the obedient, civilized and the untamed & wild. Intuition, deep seated insecurities & emotions we are only half-aware of – all of these are lured to the watery surface (water in the Moon card representing emotions) by the Moon’s illumination.

It invites us to acknowledge these Shadow aspects of our Self, bring them to the sunlight, inspect & try to understand them. It speaks to our inherent fear of the unknown (maybe going freelance, passing on that amazing job/relationship/project offer just because somehow it doesn’t feel right, showing up as we are without the fear of judgment & rejection), offering a chance to consolidate & integrate it in our day-to-day experience of Life, instead of just ignoring or brushing it away with the good old ‘you’re just projecting’, ‘you’re being paranoid’, ‘you are over-anxious’.

Doubts, fears, anxieties, dreams, inner demons, premonitions – The Moon card reminds us all of these are a natural & important part of our Wild Self, which cannot be silenced, only explored, experienced & accepted.


When Sun moves through the deeply emotional & magical sign of Pisces, you’re sure to feel these influences on both global & personal level. Partly a meditation journey into the unconscious waters of our emotions, partly a personal ritual dream, you'll be gently guided through breathing, visualization and affirmations to connect with Piscean archetypes and the moon, to charge your third eye and root chakra, so that you can see clearly through all the Neptunian illusions, whilst remaining grounded throughout the emotional sea storms of Pisces Season .

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