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. 1 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek

Would you just look at this 2015-me enjoying the bending (now now) & kinda fucking up that warrior pose (hips should be facing more front, I think)!

I don't remember how I first fell in love with yoga...it wasn't the meditative space it creates, the mind-body-soul alignment, nor was it the joy of developing & improving my practice, getting to know my body & its limits & wondering how much further I could stretch them (pun totally intended) .

It wasn't having someone to share it with or understanding the flow & distribution of energies. I think it just had to do with the gracefulness of the movement, reminding me more of ballet and dance that I love & miss so much. A rare opportunity to camp-it-up!

But then you came around & took something I already did, knew intimately & enjoyed & turned my perception of it upside down (or 'downward facing' haha).

Yoga & life in general.

And boy, did we unlock a completely new unprecedented level when doing this together...yoga..and life in general.

So, that's a thank you & please come back from your trip already, so we can sweat it out together again! (still talking about yoga, or?)