Cancer Full Moon

. 3 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Cancer Full Moon
“Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.”
Marvin J. Ashton

Capricorn Season is tricky. It spreads itself in between the last twitches of the old year and festive insanity, and the post-festive vacuum of the first weeks of a new year. In most of the world, December acts as an invisible pressure cooker - we’re pushed to buy stuff, attend parties, host dinners, pile up on gifts, cook, decorate, contemplate the disaster of a year we’ve just had and gather our hopes for the year ahead, and we’re asked to have fun and not explode in front of our family & friends on top of it. And then January comes in and like with a snap of fingers, all the manic energy of previous weeks dissipates, leaving us drained, paralyzed, impassive and feeling too unfit and too broke to face the dreary world outside our windows.

Right at the end of Capricorn Season, the polar opposite sign of Cancer waltzes in during the so called Wolf Full Moon to smooth things out a bit. Cancer is often referred to as the most sensitive, caring, motherly and intuitive sign of the Zodiac. Her challenge this full moon is to guide us back to our soft core (that's been surely globally challenged by the xmas family madness & ever-changing rules & regulations of our never-changing Covid storyline) and act from the place of loyalty, trust and compassion.

During Capricorn Season, our focus tends to be always two steps ahead on what needs to be done practically in order to achieve our goals, live up to often severe expectations we (or others) place on ourselves. It is easy to lose sight of sources of nurturing and healing that are right here with us - be it people closest to our heart, or simply our usual modalities of self-care, relaxation, grounding, things and people that represent home & safety to us. Let's not forget Mercury is currently in this year's first retrograde (until Feb 3), so some communication issues are likely piling up on top of what's already quite exhausting & confusing paradigm. Oh yeah, and then there's also the Venus retrograde in Capricorn (Dec 19 - Jan 29) bringing some lovely head-tripping energy into areas of relationships, pleasure, finances and their tricky intersections.

Pent up emotions will be forcing their way to the surface, abandonment and rejection related issues, struggling to express ourselves authentically, give and receive affection, run against cold materialism and practicality in areas where we long for deep, genuine connections.

Retrogrades invite us to slow down and reassess. So in spite of Capricornian push for focus, determination, grounded and disciplined work, this gentle full moon reminds us to create also space for cultivating intimacy, openness, nurture and getting nurtured within our (chosen or biological) family, slowing down and relishing in some comfort-core cocoa, onesies, good book and good sleep is highly recommended!  

Cancerians could be prone to bottle their true feelings up as a way of protecting themselves from hurt and rejection (imagine the hard crab shell armour shielding their soft core) – so for the weeks ahead, try and push for open communication, be vulnerable, speak from your heart and be kind, no matter what kind of a**hole you deal with. This is a potent moon for all the magickal workings and rituals revolving around healing the relationships with our family and ancestors, balancing emotions, forgiving, home protection, emotional growth and motherhood.


  1. Which source of nurturing & self-care is presenting itself to me during this full moon ?

2.  What emotional weight is ready to be lovingly let go off ?

3.  Where can I turn for comfort & strength during this process ?

4. What healing process have I successfully concluded during Capricorn Season ?

5. Where  or with whom am I finding safety and home right now ?

6. How can I best show up for myself & my loved ones during this time ?

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