Dreaming Lately

. 1 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Dreaming Lately

This is a view from my window. I see this tower every night before drifting off to sleep, sometimes imagining it is the Eiffel Tower and seeing myself being still young, life smelling like butter croissants and coffee, in polaroid colours with the taste of pink wine.


Other days, when the everyday ordeals and petty little things nails my feet more firmly to the ground, I just see a devious signal tower sending the radiation and mind-controlling electro-magnetic signals into our brains.

The same manic way I feel about my relationship. Sometimes madly in love, other times sinking with doubts and complains /my worries of late being all about “we don’t do anything exciting on our days off/.

Today I woke up from quite a surreal dream (which I don’t remember] and before falling asleep again, I looked up three words in the the Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Whales, Cake and Camera.

To see a camera in your dream suggests to focus more on current circumstances in your life, to get a better grasp of reality /current circumstances probably referring to my boyfriend working hard on his MA thesis past couple months, therefor not much time to do exciting things together/.Cake symbolize selfishness and feeling of not getting my fair share /dough!!!/ and Whales imply the personal relationship has grown to large for me to easily handle.

Or it might just mean I still see myself as big as a whale in spite of all my diet-restrictions and that I need to introduce some sugars and carbs back to my diet..I do dream of a cake actually… And I shall have one! And than cuddle with my boyfriend, who remains awsome and amazing despite all my stupid mood swings and paranoias.