Edinburgh, 2013

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Edinburgh, 2013

Since we both live in different countries, me and my friend Tereza made it a sort of tradition now to meet up each year in autumn, preferably some place weird and unexpected.

This year it was Edinburgh and Perth in Scotland.

The duckie was an unexpected treat too. We saw a man place it carefuly on the side of the pavement before walking away. Perhaps he intended to brighten up someone else's day and he managed just fine.

Of course we had to follow our tradition of making an evaluation video of the past year...this time it took place quite fittingly on the cemetary, in front of David Hume's tomb.

That's us versus the haggis (the only thing to distinguish traditional Scottish breakfast from the traditional english breakfast), which in theory sounds undeniably disgusting (do yourself a favour and do not google it in advance), but tastes actually quite good!

We stayed in the High Street Hostel and being of certain age, we requested the room just the two of us.

The hostel, as expected, was packed with cool youngsters glued to their laptops in the "social room", socializing with people online instead of each other.

Each room has its own name and "theme", ours was Batman and Robin, which I guess was quite spot on.

The walls were all stones and timber, I can't even imagine how old, but sadly even with all that history around-no late night ghostly visitations...

Being it Scotland in October, we got caught up in the worse storm imaginable on the evening walk and spent the night stuffing our wet shoes with newspapers, hugging the heating, yet remaining dedicated to the beauty regime - rubbing the beauty oil used by Kim Kardashians on our faces whilst gulping down a tesco's vitamin drink mixed with vodka.

Staying healthy even at a cost of operating the humongous machine of doom in the hostel's kitchen.

On the second day we took a train to Perth to see a fresh emigrant friends.

Yes, there really is nothing more to Perth than being it Ewan MacGregor's birthplace. He is allegedly the most endowed actor in Hollywood, which made me unwillingly check crotch of every man we passed on the street to see if it was maybe a shared gift of the men of Perth.

We have stayed with our friend's family in a small flat with devious wiring which killed my hair straightener with the spectacular sparks and whisp of smoke.

That in the conjuction with the Scotland's climate made my hair look the most interesting it's been in years, not much different from the hair of scottish kettle.

I fell in love with those two adorable boys and will miss them very much.

We tried to contribute, even if it was just for playing with the boys and cooking a pumpkin beef stew and paleo friendly gluten free muffins.

One of the most amazing sights of Perth...Please note the neverending row of hanging knickers and my sweater. Perth is infested with charity shops and this was to me an amazing catch..the sweater was 3 quid and I loved it even when my friend kept saying it's been put on the sale after the previous owner parished.

they're stealing my hair groove

There's a way how you can sneak onto the grounds of the Scone Castle just outside of Perth for free (the cost is 6 pounds/person) and we felt kind of bummed for the poor old man in the quilt sitting in the cold ticket shed, quite possibly not having any underwear.

Those two peacocks kept creeping after us, like they knew we entered the grounds on the criminal bases.