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Three Escalators

. 1 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Three Escalators

I do have a mild (or so I'd like think so) case of OCD.

Like, do you ever overthink the meaning of escalator choices? Whenever there are three escalators leading up from the underground tube, I must (naturally) take the middle one. You know, just in case that these are in fact a carefully disguised test of ego placed here by a higher power - you wouldn't want to take the one most to the right.

To me that one represents unbridled ambition, a wild ego out of check - it's almost like publicly proclaiming there's no more lessons for you to learn, nowhere else to grow, no more highs and lows to live..You've ascended already.

The escalator on the right suggest an unfiltered unshakable confidence that you're way above anyone else. I'll leave that to the Americans.

The left one feels safe. And that's why it's a trap. A sheltered place way inside the walls of your comfort zones, where not much can hurt your ego, as you're already strategically placing yourself way below the rest. The one on the left, of course, is a path of (perhaps more often than not - a dishonest) self-deprecation & I'll happily leave that to the Brits.

The escalator in the middle is a rare point of balance in between recognising your inner power, consolidating the lessons you've collected on your path for a more informed and aligned journey forward & acknowledging the road to a true ascension can never be completed, only forever pursued.

Well, now you can at least relate to the personal Hell I experience when I get to the station that has only two ascending escalators.I don't think this to be weird at all, but I also increasingly find the same doesn't apply to other people. Of course, the other minute detail is that this line of mania thinking does not apply just to elevators, but perhaps I'll stop the oversharing at that.

Do not alarm the authorities, I am ok. Sort of.