Leo Full Moon

. 3 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Leo Full Moon

“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.”- Vironika Tugaleva

Authenticity, Heart-Centered, Bold, Confident, Prideful – these will be the personal and collective themes circling around this Full Moon.

After emerging from a raw and merciless Venus and Mercury retrograde just a few moments ago, we're being treated to healing and harmonizing vibes of Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn. Expect an extra dose of passion, sensuality, romance and flirtation injected into the already saucy Leo full moon vibes.

Leo Moons are all about how we show up in the world and take pride in our assets. Let go of all that’s blocking your creativity, confidence and sense of playfulness and having fun with your intentions.

Eternal children Leos could – in their lower polarity – come across as manipulating, vain, stubborn or even cruel. As you know, the celestial headlight of Full Moon illuminates aspects of ourselves (and others!) usually obscured by Shadows, so expect having to exercise some humbleness & self-restrain in the way we treat each other. Another big theme will be our capability to drop back into the beginner's mindset, let go of fixed ideas and ideals and exercise some flexibility in how we approach our goals and relationships.

If there’s a part of your life where you could make amends with how you show up in the world or treat others, this is your perfect opportunity – apologize or make someone laugh! Talk loudly about your achievements & just for a few days, challenge yourself to abandon any negative talk. Have heart-to-heart with people you love. Make one step outside either of your comfort zones & indulge your inner child. This Full Moon, walk joyfully with humility, kindness & passion!

If you like starting your day with affirmations – for the next few days, try working with this one – what emotions & ideas come to the surface?

“I am alive with creativity and passion to bring my best life into being.”


1. What areas of my personal growth am I being encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate during this season ?

‌‌‌2. Which area of my life is ready for a new dose of passion and play ?

3. How can I step into my personal strength as I chase after this upgrade ?

4. What perceived hurts/wrongs/dramas am I invited to let go off as I move forward ?

5. How can I be more unapologetically authentic, whilst remaining kind and humble ?


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