Libra Season

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Libra Season
“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

Below is an excerpt from my 'Libra Season Workbook' available HERE.

Virgo followed right after Leo’s flamboyant party concluded, to clean-up the mess and make sure we get busy & productive again, getting our affairs in order and stepping up to face our responsibilities.

Have you been busy lately, did you work hard? Good, because Libra season is all about reclaiming the balance.

Libra Season opens quite fittingly with autumnal equinox – a time of equilibrium when the day and night, light and dark are in balance, equal in duration. Libra, symbolically represented by the scales, is also all about constant act of balancing and harmonizing.

Similarly to Aries opening portal into spring, Cancer into summer and Capricorn marking the transition from autumn to winter, Libra too is a cardinal sign : she opens the door for us through which we step into another season (the term ‘cardinal’ actually originates from Latin word for ‘hinge’).

For many of us this is a time of personal re-calibration often followed by a whole lovely plethora of physical and emotional swings. Libra’s energy – governed by Venus – could offer a great deal of solace in such times, so try and remember to gently let go of Virgo’s push for order and efficiency and lean instead into taking pleasure in simplicity, art, creativity, beauty (yes, downtime with woollen socks, face masks & good books is fully supported this season).

We’re invited to analyse, cultivate and harmonise relationships within & outside ourselves. Try being extra observant of your energy fluctuations this month – they’re usually great indicators of where we should focus in terms of ‘adjusting the scale’. Energy of Libra is conductive to examining and releasing situations and people that make it hard for us to be vulnerable & show up as we are: without our protective shield of scheming, games, masks and self-restraint. If there’s relationship and dynamics that conjure up anxiety, frustration or just simply deplete your energy, see if there are ways to let these drift into the background and place our focus instead to those that nourish our soul.

Whether in your magickal practice, or through meditation, affirmations or journaling – make this coming cycle all about finding balance & harmony in our relationships with others. This will be time of connections and re-connections, friendships & romance.

Astrological / Tarot & Magical Workbook
:: L I B R A :: S E A S O N ::

This beautifully designed 30pgs guide through the upcoming astrological season contains a treasure trove of astro, tarot & lunar predictions – to help you align your day-to-day life as well as your spiritual and self-care practices with the forever turning Wheel of the Year. (For an example of what my workbooks look like, download a FREE Virgo Season Guide HERE)

My astro/lunar/tarot workbook contains all the information & plenty of exercises to guide you through the Libra Season:

  • How best to work with this season’s energy
  • New Moon in Libra & Full Moon in Aries energetic invitations - with original tarot spreads for both
  • Crystal suggestions
  • Bespoke Libra ritual for bringin mind, body & soul into harmony
  • Original ‘Libra Season’ Yoga Sequence with Affirmations
  • Introspection/Journaling exercises
  • Libra in Pop Culture
  • Tarot Guide for each week of this season
  • PLUS a deep dive into Mabon / Atumnal Equinox history & theory.

    The syllabus is filled with original artwork, mantras and affirmations, tips and tarotscopes to support you on your journey through Libra Season and towards your highest evolution.

My hope is that the information within: suggestions for some ritual work, journaling, badass magicking, crystal lovin’ & tarot slingin’ during the upcoming lunar energies – will inspire, provoke, guide & motivate you to blaze through this season with joy & wonder!


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