Scorpio Season

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Scorpio Season
“Now is not the time for a fanciful dip into our shadow because it is sexy or fashionable. It is essential, now more than ever, to bravely gaze into the darkest chambers of our hearts. It is only with an honest appraisal of the seat of our souls that we can mend ourselves individually and collectively.” (Sasha Graham)

Below is an excerpt from my 'Scorpio Season Workbook' available HERE.

Without mercy, the end of October plunges us into dark cold waters of the most intense, mysterious, dark and sexual sign of the zodiac. Scorpio is closely linked to the cycles of transformation – Death and Rebirth.

Each zodiac sign, and its astrological season, carries within it a medicine to help us transition into the next one. Scorpio teaches us the importance of facing up to difficult emotions, intense energies, harsh truths & hardships that come with life sometimes, so that we can transcend the constrictions of our current form & shoot forward, past our comfort zones, like the arrow of Sagittarius, that follows up Scorpio’s contracting inward facing energy with a huge expansion.

When the rest of the natural world starts wilting away & bracing for the harshness of winter, there are parts of us that too inevitably direct our attention inward. Nature is going through a painful transformation, and our lives – of course, must follow.

Scorpio Season is designed to feel raw. It often stirs mud covering the bottom of our souls, forces us to navigate the suddenly murky waters and come up with methods to clean them up again. Will you just wait it out and let the mud settle again to the very bottom – hidden from the outside world, slowly turning toxic? Or is there perhaps a different, uncomfortable but crucial way to consolidate our fears, doubts, addictions, shame, regrets,…fill in the blanks. Something is burning to ashes, so a new form (Phoenix represents Scorpios in their highest evolution) can emerge. Our relationship to ‘Death’ (Scorpio’s tarot card) will be put to test – where do we stand in allowing for the old patterns to fall off, the old ‘me’ to die, so that the new one can come into view?

Among the many fascinating and baffling phenomena in nature, one stands out to me as a great parable of our egos’ aversion towards change. You see, some caterpillars for no known reason stubbornly resist entering their next evolutionary stage that requires twisting and contracting themselves into a protective cocoon, awaiting their metamorphosis. They cannot postpone their death and subsequent rebirth forever though. Natural order of things will have its final say, always. Something quite curious happened to us globally this year. We were all called to the same chrysalis, to hang upside down together in suspension. No matter who you are, no matter where you are in the world, you cannot be untouched by the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus. You also cannot resist the transformation any longer.

In 2020/21, upside down in our cocoons of the new world order filled with lockdowns, restrictions and ever present threat of Corona virus aka suffering or even death, we witness history in the making.

The important thing to keep in mind is that Scorpio Season and the planetary retrogrades we transition through as the year slowly runs out of time, do not just simply generate some random contractions in our lives. Rather, they illuminate shadows stirred by big transformations that we’ve already been going through for some time.

We’ll twist and turn, surely resist and mourn what’s been lost and cannot be called back again. We’ll cry, we’ll get angry, we’ll be frustrated, scared and baking shit loads of banana bread everyone is already sick of eating. But ultimately, Scorpio does not want us to suffer. It just longs to show us what kind of a badass fucking warrior princesses we can become, if only we step up to meet these challenging shadow energies. Scorpio is a master alchemist of the zodiac, and we all have Her somewhere in our chart! Her medicine is simple: at any given moment, regardless of the retrogrades, the suspension, the election madness, the raw pain of dissecting, self-sabotaging Scorpio’s sting, it’s within our power to transmute that mud into gold.

“Grieve. So that you can feel something else.” (N. Waheed)

‌‌Astrological / Tarot & Magical Workbook‌

:: S C O R P I O :: S E A S O N ::

This beautifully designed 38pgs guide through the upcoming astrological season is for everyone (not just Scorpios), who wish to work with lunar/astro/spiritual energies & invitations of the month of Scorpio!

It contains a treasure trove of astro, tarot & lunar predictions - to help you align your day-to-day life as well as your spiritual and self-care practices with the forever turning Wheel of the Year.

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My guide book is filled with original artwork, mantras and affirmations, tips and tarotscopes to support you on your journey through Scorpio Season and towards your highest evolution:

  • How best to work with this season’s energy
  • New Moon in Scorpio & Full Moon in Taurus energetic invitations - with original tarot spreads for both
  • Crystal suggestions
  • Bespoke Scorpio 'Shadow Self Transformation' ritual
  • Original ‘Scorpio Season’ Yoga Sequence with Affirmations
  • Introspection/Journaling exercises
  • Scorpio in Pop Culture
  • Tarot Guide for each week of this season
  • PLUS a deep dive into Samhain / Halloween history & theory
My hope is that the information within: suggestions for some ritual work, journaling, badass magicking, crystal lovin’ & tarot slingin’ during the upcoming lunar energies – will inspire, provoke, guide & motivate you to blaze through this season with joy & wonder!



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