Taurus Full Moon

. 2 min read . Written by Kuba Vitek
Taurus Full Moon

At each Full Moon we’re being served a juicy point of a friction in between two vastly different zodiac signs. If the Sun is currently in the sign of Scorpio, today’s Full Moon will necessarily be in Scorpio’s opposing zodiac sign - Taurus. Complexity vs. simplicity. Scorpios play in the shadows and underground caverns of uncomfortable raw emotions in their pursuit of meaning & depth. Taurus prefers slowly grazing away in the sunlight, comfortable, predictable. They thrive in conditions that are stable, materialy safe and that allow for enjoying the good things in life. Out of the whole zodiac wheel, I personally think Taureans to be the best ambassadors for capitalism (you stay in your lane, you put in the time, you work hard, so that you can pay for feeling good and having nice things), whilst the anarchist Scorpios question and challenge everything, not likely to settle for other peoples systems.

Mix that Scorpio's intensity, sexual yearnings and a flare for self-sabotage with the energies of stubborn, material+physical pleasures seeking Taurus, and voila we've got some stinky spicy mess of an emo-soup.

A big theme will be power, control, attachments. Both Scorpio & Taurus are really big on attachments - one seeking it relentlessly, the other one dodging & overturning them. We might feel extra sensitive, in need of cuddles and holding our loved ones close, but flipping out the next minute, because our partner's jumper is itchy. Your standard Full Moon lunacy.

Today’s so-called Beaver Moon might illuminate - if you'd just take time & listen closely – things no longer meant for this world, attachments that need to burn, so that a Phoenix (Scorpio’s highest polarity archetype) can rise from the ashes. Remember to be gentle with yourself and others, whilst also not compromising your own unique voice & boundaries. Find that fine balance in between uncomfortable but authentic emotions (Scorpio) and being chilled as fuck about it all (Taurus).

A wonderful Full Moon in Taurus ritual could be just a simple meditation or journaling session on what attachments that presently shape our day-to-day reality – acknowledging with gratitude the ones we have worked hard towards: the ones that nourish us & help us grow, and visualising life without those unnecessary annoying ones like our corporate jobs, attachment to money and everything else that's residing in the cozy walls of our stupid comfort zones. Visualise where life could go if you'd let go of a tendency to hoard material possessions, or to impress your parents, or if you gave up micromanaging your life & embraced the messy insanity of the Unexpected instead.

Narrow these down to a few words or a phrase, into a symbol. Carve it into a white candle, let it burn & in your mind's eye picture all the unhelpful attachments melting & dissipating with the smoke towards the sky & the Universe beyond where they'll be transmuted into more meaningful energies.

Whichever dreams & desires you aim to manifest under this moon, take practical tangible steps towards them, repeating the mantra of:

“I put all my heart & feed my healthy attachments & detach from what no longer serves my highest good."

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