Virgo Season

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Virgo Season
The cosmic tide is changing once again, and with a super-organised, structured and efficient Virgo, it’s time to restore some sense of order, especially regarding our self-discipline, health and habits.

I hope that during the Leo Season and even in the context of these constantly escalating challenges of the last few years, you carved out some time for fun and celebrating life. When the party’s over, Virgo swoops in to help with the clean-up. Her wisdom helps us to put the work in, and be of service – not for praise, but simply due to understanding that our unique set of talents & skills gets shit done. Don’t worry – Virgo is still only a cosmic energy embodied in a human form – she knows very well she’s not perfect (unlike Leo who comes before her), but she’s enough as for RIGHT NOW.

Similar to Gemini, Virgo too is ruled by Mercury. As an Earth sign, she responds differently to its energies. Under Mercury’s rule, Virgo becomes fastidious, hard working, orderly and practical.

Virgos are thought of as practical & hard-working, thriving on service to others. When the Sun moves through their sign, we can sometimes feel stretched in between bouts of dedicated, organized work, the inner order and often tumultuous chaos on the outside. The archetype of Virgo is closely aligned with the ‘mother’ aspect of Goddess. Mature, nurturing and fully dedicated to balancing deep inner work and healing with showing up for others. She oversees the point on our path, when we fully acknowledge and honor our unique talents, understand our calling in life and our place on this Earth, so that we can be of true service to others.
Having a firm grasp on our personal power includes recognizing when our boundaries are being challenged and lovingly reinforcing them. As Bill Crawford puts it:

“One key to successful relationships is learning to say no without guilt, so that you can say yes without resentment.”

My Virgo Season Syllabus’ is designed to help guide you through all the major upcoming moon phases & provide rich resource material filled with unique tarot spreads, journaling exercises & astrological, crystal, ritual correspondences. See more below!

Astrological / Tarot & Magical Workbook
:: V I R G O :: S E A S O N ::

This beautifully designed 30pgs guide through the upcoming astrological season contains a treasure trove of astro, tarot & lunar predictions – to help you align your day-to-day life as well as your spiritual and self-care practices with the forever turning Wheel of the Year.

My astro/lunar/tarot workbook contains all the information & plenty of exercises to guide you through the Virgo Season:

  • How best to work with this season’s energy
  • Full & New Moon energetic invitations with original tarot spreads for both
  • Crystal suggestions
  • Bespoke Virgo ritual for dealing with limiting beliefs
  • Original ‘Virgo Season’ Yoga Sequence with Affirmations
  • Introspection/Journaling Exercises
  • Virgo in Pop Culture
  • Tarot Guide for each week
  • PLUS a deep dive into Mabon / Atumnal Equinox history & theory.

    The syllabus is filled with original artwork, mantras and affirmations, tips and astro/tarotscopes to support you on your journey through Virgo Season and towards your highest evolution.

My hope is that the information within: suggestions for some ritual work, journaling, badass magicking, crystal lovin’ & tarot slingin’ during the upcoming lunar energies – will inspire, provoke, guide & motivate you to blaze through this season with joy & wonder!

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